How to clean and protect the laptop keyboard

The use of the computer, be a personal or laptop, has long been an integral part of everyday life. The chance to come to the home or office without at least one of these assistive devices is almost negligible. Frequent exploitation inevitably causes and contamination, either because of accumulating in hard to reach places dust or caused mass habit of eating in front of the monitor. The keys and the space between them are among the most affected in this regard.

Why is it important to clean your keyboard?

The obvious answer is – to be clean. The truth is not always realized the extent to which pollute our keyboard. According to some studies, microbes in it can be ashamed of plurality even those in the toilet. So before we have developed new civilizations around and under the keys rival for another piece of chocolate out of hand, it is advisable to clean. So we raise the hygiene, the keys obey us with ease and aesthetics available.

How to clean laptop keyboard

Before going on to clean the keyboard, make sure the laptop is turned off, including the network. Any side USB devices also need to be removed, be sure to remove and discs. Here is what tools you can use to deal with accumulated dirt:

Wipes for cleaning the keyboard

You can find antibacterial wipes for clean the laptop in every shop specializing in computer equipment. Use them to clean your keyboard, you can combine them with cleaner, which also can ask the store.

Spray with compressed air for cleaning the keyboard

Another tool that is easy to find on the market is a spray with compressed air to clean the keyboard. It has a thin tube so as to cope with a hard to reach places. Through the air exits under pressure and literally “blow” dirt.

USB vacuum cleaner for cleaning the keyboard

Another salvation for those who secretly or obviously eating sweets in front of the laptop is a compact USB vacuum cleaner for cleaning the keyboard. Most models support USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports, and for better visibility feature a built-in flashlight. Crumbs, hair and dust capitulate to this small but useful device.

Gel for cleaning the keyboard

Interesting and workable way to clean the keyboard is to use gel. It is soft and comfortable to operate with. It is enough to place it on the desired station, press and dodge. Dirt sticks and quickly removed, then use the gel does not need scrubbing since then not remain.

Cleaning under the keyboard

If you are skilled in the art hardly news to inform you that all the laptop keyboard can be removed. Once you do this, you might be surprised how much dirt has accumulated beneath it. Clean with antibacterial wipes or those immersed in the detergent. Dry carefully and return the keyboard back.

Cleaning under separate keys

When you happen separate keys become difficult to move, it probably means you need to clean them more closely. You can remove the affected keys one by one using a straight screwdriver. No need to press hard when slight pressure key should be up alone. Then wipe with a cotton swab and preparation same make and place under the key. When all is well dried, return the keys to their places.

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